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The Truth of the Aleke

Release: March 5, 2024

The Aleke is cruel. The Aleke is clever. The Aleke is coming.

500 years after the events of The Lies of the Ajungo, the City of Truth stands as the last remaining free city of the Forever Desert. A bastion of freedom and peace, the city has successfully weathered near-constant attacks from the Cult of Tutu, who have besieged it for three centuries, attempting to destroy its warriors and subjugate its people.

Seventeen-year-old Osi is a Junior Peacekeeper in the City. When the mysterious leader of the Cult, known only as the Aleke, commits a massacre in the capitol and steals the sacred God's Eyes, Osi steps forward to valiantly defend his home. For his bravery he is tasked with a tremendous responsibility—destroy the Cult of Tutu, bring back the God's Eyes, and discover the truth of the Aleke.


"This heart-wrenching sequel recaptures the tone of the opening volume and again packs an epic’s worth of worldbuilding into a limited page count.... This mind-bending story will have both new and returning fans hooked." - Publisher's Weekly Starred Review
"Utomi’s searing, thought-provoking fantasy novella has heartbreaking parallels in the present and is highly recommended." - Library Journal Starred Review
"Utomi returns to the Forever Desert with this devastating, timely fantasy novella about the impossibility of peace when the powerful seek only to control and manipulate others.…There is no solace in this thought-provoking sequel, only uncomfortable truth." - Booklist Starred Review
"If you loved Ajungo, you will be floored with Aleke." - Before We Go Blog
“The Truth of the Aleke is riveting and merciless, an exploration of power, deceit, corruption, and ultimately, hope. I was not prepared, and neither are you.” ―Fonda Lee, author of the Green Bone Saga and Untethered Sky
“Utomi's insights on power and propaganda are illuminating. The best fiction leaves us asking difficult questions about the world we live in and this novella succeeds in doing that and more. Such incredible writing!” ―T.L. Huchu, USA Today bestselling author of The Library of the Dead
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