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Appearances & Speaking

Moses has years of experience as a speechwriter and public speaker, and is comfortable speaking on a range of topics. But he is best at speaking to his specialized knowledge on narrative, combat sports, travel, and education, or more general discussions on creativity, motivation, and identity.

Writing Coaching & Tutoring

With over 10 years of experience educating students around the world, Moses loves nothing more than passing his passion for writing and storytelling on to aspiring creatives. Services include:

  • Academic & nonfiction writing tutoring

  • Fiction writing tutoring

  • Standardized Test Preparation

  • Customized lesson plans for elementary, middle, and high school students.

  • Writing coaching for novelists

Workshop - Tell Your Story

A workshop for aspiring writers. In this workshop, students will:

  • Complete an activity that teaches a proven method of generating market-ready story ideas.

  • Play a fun storytelling game designed to engage students of all ages and ability levels.

  • Produce a professional pitch for a story that embodies their unique writing interests and personal background.

  • Enjoy open Q & A with a professional author.

For details about availability and compensation, please email

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